Judy McLane

Judy in Victor/Victoria with Robert Cuccioli and Lee Roy Reams

"McLane sings the Wildhorn songs, especially "Living in the Shadows", stunningly, and she's actually much more believable in the role than Andrews ever was. I doubt that we'll see the part better acted than it is here."

-- NYTheatre.com

"She is sensational. Her voice soars gloriously through every bit of this often challenging score, and she deftly handles both the comic and romantic sides of Victoria and Victor. Hey Broadway- wake up! Judy McLane is the new socko star you've been looking for!"

-- 101Musicals.com

"Judy McLane is simply grand in the title role. With that sensational voice she gets to shine as "Victor". She also brings a vulnerability to the role, that Andrews, with all her star quality couldn't. That vulnerability not only enhances her sexy charm, but, wins us over to her side"

-- Daily Record

"McLane has a voice that shakes rafters"

-- Broadway.com